30 years of tradition in every drop

Were the ’90s a good time to enter the Polish market with a new brand, as we did? Well, wait a minute. Let’s get some facts straight! First of all, there was no market back then. The market was just forming, and everything that was being created was like an oasis in the desert. The years of communist Poland had done their job and Poles, hungry for novelties, were happy that the shelves in shops were finally starting to fill up. Secondly, no one used the term “brand”. Unless in reference to the “Made-in-Germany” brand products. Words such as “marketing”, “branding”, “brand” have been crafted for a modern market purposes, the one with free competition which we can enjoy in Poland today. Enjoy, one can wonder? Well, yes, because when a company offers customers great quality, as Canada House did, and now under the new name Canadia, it is rewarding to compete. It is a normal phenomenon in a healthy, free market economy.

Still going back to the origins of Canadia, it may never have come about if it weren’t for the lack of colours. The drab unpromising reality for a nation that was always bursting with ideas and was able to handle any situation. That was the moment when a Canadian, Felix Clarke, came to Poland delighted with the country on the Vistula and at the same time saddened by what he saw. There was a distinct lack of colours here! Slowly, a new reality was coming to life and it longed for new means of expression. This is how the idea of establishing a company that would offer paints, plasters and primers came about. The whole production was to take place in Poland, but entirely based on Canadian formulas, which the founder knew and could vouch for. Was this Canadian-Polish marriage successful? This is confirmed by 30 years of existence on the market. This is confirmed by numerous compliments and acknowledgements of our satisfied customers – both those specialized in construction and amateurs who grab a roller or brush themselves.

Previously Canada House, now Canadia. Since the beginning, the company has delighted architects, contractors, investors, and individual customers with its products. The uniqueness of the product formula is based on the use of high-quality resins and pigments, as well as biocides which protect against the development of fungi and mould for many years.

This is what we are proud of:

A wide and varied palette of over 2,500 colours to choose from!
Canadian interior and exterior façade paints of the top quality, with recognized approvals and certificates;
Canadian silicone, acrylic and mosaic exterior plasters of the top quality:
Interior and exterior primers that work perfectly with our other products to guarantee a perfect end result;
Ready-to-use, complete insulation system based on styrofoam technology;
Implementation of special orders for quantities and non-standard colours outside the colour palette;
Professional assistance and advice in selecting CANADIA paints and plasters;
Comprehensive service completion with CANADIA products by our trusted partner companies

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