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30 years of tradition

in every drop

Were the ’90s a good time to enter the Polish market with a new brand, as we did? Well, wait a minute. Let’s get some facts straight! First of all, there was no market back then. The market was just forming, and everything that was being created was like an oasis in the desert. The years of communist Poland had done their job and Poles, hungry for novelties, were happy that the shelves in shops were finally starting to fill up. Secondly, no one used the term “brand”. Unless in reference to the “Made-in-Germany” brand products. Words such as “marketing”, “branding”, “brand” have been crafted for a modern market purposes, the one with free competition which we can enjoy in Poland today. Enjoy, one can wonder? Well, yes, because when a company offers customers great quality, as Canada House did, and now under the new name Canadia, it is rewarding to compete. It is a normal phenomenon in a healthy, free market economy.

Ultra-resistant interior paints

Highly resilient exterior plasters

Facade paints with

excellent coverage properties

Deep-penetrating primers

for paints and plasters

Our trump cards

Canadia paints, plasters and primers are
manufactured using fine Canadian formulas
which are crucial for obtaining premium
prod u cts.

In order to obtain products with the best
properties, you cannot ucut corners” and save
on raw materials! We only source from the
global leaders of the construction chemical
market which guarantee the uncompromising
quality of the supplied raw materials.

We advise our customers on the selection of
suitable products from our portfolio and on the
quantities of paint/plaster needed for a specific
project. We instruct how to care for renovated
surfaces so that they retain their good aesthetic
appearance for many years.

Time is of the essence in the construction
industry, which unfortunately we all lack„.
Respecting our customers’ time, we offer free
delivery of Canadia products to the site of
construction, renovation, etc. within a radius of
30 km from Legionowo.

We do not produce „for stock”, we do not store
goods. We guarantee that the paints, plasters,
or primers delivered have been manufactured
within the last 72 hours.

Our experts have mastered to perfection the
skill of tinting paints and plasters on the basis
of all colour patterns available on the market, as
well as on the basis of samples received from
the customer, such as tiles, furniture, or other
house decoration elements. Thanks to
meticulously kept order history logs, we are
able to reproduce any colour ordered even
many years ago.



Ceramic paint for walls and ceilings

Created with the most demanding customers in mind. The unique formula, refined over decades, gives a perfect result. Premium ceramic paint, distinguished by the content of high-quality resins and pigments to which it owes its above-average properties. Breathable paint for smooth surfaces ensuring perfect coverage. Creates an effect of elegant white or any colour that does not fade and impresses with an ultra-matte finish. Thanks to a special coating, the paint is ultra-resistant to abrasion and scrubbing. Therefore, it will easily resist any dirt and stains. The paint is perfect for children who like to express their talent by drawing on the walls! Admire the vibrancy of colour and the elegance of finish. The nuances make a huge difference!

Available types: ultramatte


Specialist paint for kitchen and bathroom

There are some rooms that we call challenging. There are some paints that perform well in the toughest conditions. In places where walls are in daily contact with water, steam, various dirt, the use of specialist paint for interiors will hit the bull’s eye. Canadia Elegante Diamond contains a combination of top-quality resins and pigments, which makes it an ideal coating for walls and ceilings. It is extremely resistant to washing and scrubbing. Moreover, its hydrophobic properties effectively prevent the development of mould and fungi.

Available types: ultramatte


Satin paint for walls and ceilings.

Admire the play of light on the wall

There is something magical about satin. The play of light, the gentle vibration of colour make it seem elegant and animated. The formula of this satin interior paint hides a unique combination of high-quality resins and pigments. Applied to a smooth surface, it covers the same with a durable coating, extremely resistant to washing and scrubbing. Satin finish, with excellent coverage gives a stunning effect. The paint is vapour-permeable, so it breathes and does not allow unwanted fungi or mould to grow. Environmentally friendly. Elegante Satine paint is used in rooms particularly exposed to dirt, on perfectly smooth surfaces without any visible irregularities.

Available types: satin matte


Latex paint for walls and ceilings. Innovative

technology and even greater resistance to washing

The paint features a higher content of top-quality resins, thanks to which it forms a very hard coat characterized by an increased resistance to washing and scrubbing. A stain-resistant, breathable paint widely used on smooth walls exposed to dirt. Resilient paint ensuring perfect coverage, performing very well in harsh conditions. Its versatility makes it suitable for painting both walls and ceilings in any room.

Available types: ultramatte


Ceiling paint. And the ceiling will turn white!

When choosing interior paint, we pay more attention to the walls than the ceiling. Because we cannot see the ceiling, as it is somewhere above us. This is a mistake because it is the ceiling that will betray our negligence, if its surface is uneven and the paint is improperly selected. Zenith ceiling paint has the power to hide imperfections thanks to its matte finish and whiteness next to which other products pale by! It creates an anti-reflective coating, giving the ceiling a definite white colour. The content of high-quality resins and pigments ensures perfect coverage even when one coat is applied. The ceiling is a critical part of the interior, as every contractor knows. With Zenith, painting work is pure pleasure.

Available types: ultramatte


Dispersion paint for walls and ceilings,

premium properties

Extremely efficient, durable, and easy to apply. It forms a resilient coating that is easy to clean. Optima, as a dispersion paint, is suitable for painting almost any substrate. It will work in any room, both dry and exposed to steam and moisture. The product is characterized by high resistance to mechanical damage or scrubbing. It is perfect for a child’s room or a hallway i.e. anywhere where dirt is easy to come by. The paint is so versatile that you can even paint brick, wood, or wallpaper with it! The result of using Canadia Optima paint is a strong, smooth finish with an ultra-matte finish.

Available types: ultramatte



Exterior plaster. Breathable wall for a healthy building

Canadia Termisol Premium Silikon/Akryl is a top-quality ready-to-use exterior plaster manufactured and through-dyed based on a silicone/acrylic resin. It is intended for application of fine and thin layer plasters on exterior building surfaces. Thanks to its modern formula and top quality raw materials, it is highly resilient ensuring malleability and high yield. The plaster is characterized by high resistance to aggressive weather conditions and mechanical damage. It contains top quality biocides to protect it from fungal and algae growth. Canadia Termisol Premium is characterized by high vapour permeability and water repellency. Due to its high stone content, it creates a uniform, perfect roughcast texture on plastered surfaces.

Available types: silicone, acrylic


Exterior mosaic plaster

A plaster, based on coloured aggregates, which, when dry, resists frost or even the sweltering heat. Was a waterproof product, it forms a tight layer on the surface of the building, filling minor scratches and irregularities. It can be scrubbed, cleaned, and even hit, and it will remain untouched. Recommended for staircases, lobbies, building plinths. For interior and exterior use. Wherever walls experience daily adventures, the mosaic plaster additionally protects them from damage. Excellent adhesion and ease of application make it one that every contractor will love. The polymer-dyed aggregate gives the structure a decorative appearance. Colours to be selected from the palette or to individual order.

Available types: mosaic



Facade paint, whatever the weather

In Poland, as in Canada, the weather can be fickle, changeable, sometimes extreme. Hot or freezing weather, heavy rains, winds, humidity, and drought – such conditions are not good for the façade, which fades, becomes damp and covered with algae. We paint it once every few years, so it makes sense to choose the best product to make it last longer – even longer than you expect! This is what Canadia Home’s façade paint does. It is produced on the basis of high-quality silicone or acrylic resin, ensuring perfect coverage. The paint resists even the harshest winters, summers, and even mechanical shocks. It is an UV-resistant product. The content of biocides protects the façade against fungal and algal attack.

Available types: silicone, acrylic



Primer for interior paint.

Because a good primer makes a difference!

How to reduce the cost of painting your living room and other interiors? Invest in a good primer! The one that will level and strengthen the substrate, perfectly preparing it for paint application. Ultra Grunt is recommended not only for apartments and houses, but also for public and industrial spaces. It penetrates the surface, smoothing and curing it properly. It also reduces dusting. The product perfectly prepares the substrate for application of the finishing paint. Canadia Ultra Grunt has exceptional covering properties.


Primer under exterior plaster.

Priming once and for all

The quality of plastering depends not only on the plaster itself, but also on the primer under it. Termisol Grunt perfectly hardens the substrate, reduces dust and increases adhesion of plaster. The work is more efficient and pleasant, and the perfect result stays for years. Our quartz-sand-based primer works well on porous and absorbent mineral surfaces. It perfectly prepares the substrate for application of a layer of plaster. Specially tinted, it forms a coating similar in colour to plaster, protecting it against bleeding through.


Primer under facade paint.

Long-lasting binding properties.

Die Grundierung ist ein wichtiges Element, auf dem sich der Erfolg der Fassadenrenovierung stützt. Sie wird für poröse Mineraluntergründe empfohlen. Die Anwendung der Grundierung unter der Außenfarbe stärkt die Oberflächenstruktur und gleicht ihre Aufnahmefähigkeit aus. Dadurch ist der Untergrund weniger wasseraufnahmefähig, und die Farbe haftet leicht. Oft passend zum Ton der Fassadenfarbe gefärbt, schränkt die Grundierung das Durchscheinen des Untergrundes und den Farbverbrauch ein, wodurch die Renovierungskosten reduziert werden.

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